Live Tournament Wins including a World Series Of Poker (WSOP Marrakech), World Poker Tour (WPT Brussels), PokerStars (Manila Megastack) and Asian Poker Tour (APT Philippines) titles.


Over 3 million poker hands played since 2015 (1st year as a pro), first with a specialization on SnG and online MTT before transferring my success also on the live poker circuit and cash game in 2016.


Of my students who invested into coaching package of 10 hours improved their winning rate (bb/100) and became profitable within 6 months of regular playing and studying off-tables.
With more than 9 years of experience in poker, 6 years as a pro player and many tournament wins in the process, I offer poker coaching to amateur and semi-pro players ambitious to pass a threshold in their poker game.
My poker coaching is structured and adapted to the student's level. Through hand histories and tournament/cash game reviews, your leaks are identified and a plan is laid out to achieve your goals. Poker hands are analysed and scrutinized in depth with the help of advanced programs. The underlying theoretical concepts are explained in a simple and consistent manner, while taking into account each player's abilities and pre-dispositions.

Poker Tournaments (MTT)

A tournament player must master many theoretical concepts in order to give himself the best chance to win. MTT coaching is based on identifying your leaks in each phase of a poker tournament (early tournament, intermediate/late phase, final table) and gives you the keys to beat low and mid-stakes tournaments, both live and online.

Cash Game

Preflop play with 100 big blinds requires the acquisition of advanced technical skills and the construction of structured ranges. Cash Game coaching is based on identifying your pre- and post-flop leaks and developing a balanced poker game that adapts to your opponent's profile in order to dominate the cash game tables.

Mental Game of Poker

Winning at poker requires not only technical skills but also an unwavering self-control in order to play your best poker and maximize the number of chips you win. Mental coaching is based on developing a pro poker player's mindset and setting up a system to perform at your highest level in every poker session.

Témoignages Coach Poker

"Perfect! Alain is a magical teacher! His teaching is precise and very adapted to my level. Alain is always friendly and available to help me improve my game! Thank you !!! " Joël, Morges (Switzerland) (verified review on superprof.ch)
"Very attentive to your slightest request, methodical, prepares his course in advance, great experience in POKER so a fast evolution is guaranteed. Really a great teacher. I recommend without any doubt. » Redouane, Brussels (Belgium) (verified review on superprof.be)
"Alain is a very good coach, educational and exciting in his approach to poker. In 10 sessions with him, I have really progressed in cash game and solved my post-flop weaknesses, I have already recouped my investment in coaching in NL50. Whatever your level and your playing limits, I'm sure he can help you to progress". Sébastien, Bern (Switzerland) (verified review on superprof.ch)

Introductory session

25 CHF

A first introductory session of 30 minutes at a reduced rate in order to evaluate your poker experience, discuss your poker objectives, instruct you on my methodology and tools to be used, as well as the type of content to be provided to me in order to prepare a 1st hour of coaching together.

1 hour of coaching
97 CHF

60 minutes of 1-to-1 coaching, focused on identifying your leaks, based on a hand history (cash game/MTT) or a database to be provided beforehand. Correction of your technical errors, strategic advice and discussion of theoretical concepts in order to optimize your win-rate.

10h coaching package
797 CHF

Setting up a personalized training based on your objectives and an in-depth analysis of your strengths and weaknesses. In-depth hand analysis (cash game/MTT), detection of technical and mental errors, theoretical sessions on different themes, and making the correct adjustments to our opponents.